Links: See My Artwork Here

MandalaGal on Deviant Art:
The link takes you to my profile page.  Look for “gallery” in the tab next to “profile.”  Most of my larger works are posted here.  Some of these are sold, and some are for sale, but prices aren’t listed, so contact me for details.  I update there once a month. Or not. Depends on whether there’s something new going on.

Mandala Dreams on Zazzle :
T-shirts, mugs, etc. My advice: go for a white t-shirt to reduce the chance of poor color reproduction. They have a great return policy if you’re not pleased, and their customer service helpers are great. I have not tested the mugs and other products yet, but I’ll update here when I do.

Spoonflower: Mandala Dreamer
Fabrics, wrapping paper, wallpaper, decals… I’ve got a few designs listed for sale, and some you can view that aren’t  yet for sale. I’ll update there as frequently as I can after previewing swatches. I suggest you get their fabric assortment sample collection for $1.00 before you buy yardage so you are choosing the fabric weight you like best for your project. Wrapping paper from there looks fantastic, too!

My Pinterest boards:
Just for fun!


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