Original Art

Cat's Cradle

Free-hand gel pen drawing on mat board, 15×15 in. $475.00

Mandala Dream I, copyright 2010

Mandala Dream I
Free-hand gel pen drawing on mat board. Triple-matted and framed. Size 34 x 34 inches. Photos of framed picture available on request. $2,000.00

Fountain of Imagination

Free-hand gel pen drawing on mat board. Double-matted and framed. Size 16 x 22 inches. Photo of framed drawing available on request. $500.00


9 responses to “Original Art

  1. Beautifully intricate. How long does it take to create such a piece?

    • Christine, I’m sorry I didn’t see your message earlier. It accidentally went to spam. The large pieces sometimes take weeks or months just because most of the year I work two jobs and don’t have the time to work on them every day. A very small one might take me a half-hour or an hour. I’ve never tried to track my time. And sometimes I think something is finished, and then later it looks like it needs something else, and I’m back on it again.

  2. Juggling jobs – sounds a bit like life at Garybuie!

  3. I didn’t realise how big they were until I read the dimensions. Lovely designs and amazingly symmetrical, do you measure the full design out before you start filling in the colour?

    • I’ve just realised that perhaps ‘free hand’ means you don’t measure them out? If that’s the case, it’s even more amazing!

      • Sometimes I will measure out an outside edge or place measured dots as a reference from the circle to make sure it doesn’t get too far off track, but that’s only on the large ones that are more than 12 inches or so. Of course, I have a lot of “discards” that aren’t symmetrical but “should” be! I can still use them digitally, though, because on the computer they can be fixed and used for greeting cards, etc.
        There are a couple of really huge ones where I laid out the major elements with tracing paper pieces before I filled everything else in. But I don’t measure the small ones.

        • Do you mean you scan them into a computer? How do you manipulate one you’ve already drawn by hand digitally? (Apologies if that’s a stupid question, I don’t know how these things work.) You obviously have a natural talent for measuring things by eye. I meant to add before that the colours are gorgeous.

          • Yes, I scan them, and then I can use Adobe Photoshop or Paint Shop Pro to make them look a variety of different ways. (There is a copy place near here where I can take the really large ones in to be scanned.) There are settings that can change all the colors, or move the lines… if you go to the heading where I list “links” and go to Etsy, you can see some of the greeting cards over there that are (mostly) digital manipulations of my original drawings. It’s really fun. Once I took a digitally manipulated design and start a new free-hand drawing based on THAT variation. So… it’s endless! But I usually save the computer ones for cards and sell the originals.

  4. These are beautiful! I haven’t visited this page before. I love your choice of colours as well.

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