First Pencil, then Pen

I’ve been doing some pencil layouts for more recipe pages, but first I had to sharpen all the pencils. This took some time.  I’m actually a pen freak (technical term for “enthusiastic, but not quite as advanced as a connoisseur”) but I also enjoy finding the perfect pencil and a great sharpener to make little curly flakes of shavings with.

Finished Page (Spaghetti Sauce)


Unfortunately, I was too lazy to hook up the scanner and get a good copy of this one. This is a photograph of a photocopy. I was anxious to get the original to its owner and move on to something else, but you can get a general idea of how it turned out. Next time I’ll be more diligent in getting an accurate image.

The Undecorated Page


A co-worker asked me  to script a page of her favorite recipe recently. This is the final layout without any decorations. I’ll post again when it’s finished!

Miss Kansas City, 1946 (Collaged Postcard)


I found a yearbook from Westport High School not too long ago, and I had lots of fun making some ATCs and postcards from the various pages.  This one is one of my favorites.

Moving Men (Collage Art Collaboration)


A friend of mine, Robert McKeown, is a collage artist whose work I admire and sometimes imitate. I made this one by printing out a photo of one of his collages (without permission, sorry!) and building on it with photos and book cut-outs of my own. I mounted it on an old book cover and mailed it to him for a present. To my relief, he enjoyed it.

On the Verge of Collapse (Collage Art)

I made this collage last year, but it’s not a permanent piece. I just photographed it and dismantled it so I could use the pieces again elsewhere.

You Want That Recipe? Here…


A friend of mine was raving about my pound cake and asked for the recipe. “It’s online,” I said. “Oh, but I want YOU to write it out,” she said. So, I did. Now her son wants one, too. We’ll see how far this goes. The next one will, I hope, be better. It’s been years since I laid out any text, but the process came back to me.