Layouts, Handwriting style, Size? Oh, dear.


I’ve been playing around with layouts and what kind of handwriting I want to use on these recipe pages. I’m trying for something not too formal, a little bit elegant, and still very legible. I’m not sure yet about the sizing on them, the one on the right looks like it’s harder to read, so I may go with a smaller size. I’m trying to leave space for some embellishments, too.
Feedback is welcome. I’d like to resolve some of the basic issues before I commit to a huge project!


Vintage Scrapbook Art, Recycled

While going through the discards at our nearby auction house, I found a scrapbook that was made as a gift for the president of a woman’s club. It narrowly escaped the dumpster. The pages were falling to bits, but I thought the content was worth keeping… the hand-decorated photos and collaged captions from 1953 were strangely appealing. Maybe because those old ladies don’t look so awfully old to me now… just a group of women trying to do good works and have some fun at the same time. And with hats! Someone put a lot of work into it originally, and I hate to see this kind of thing get trashed. So I salvaged what I could and made  ATCs and postcards. I used the inside cover paper from another old book for backgrounds.

“Matchbox” trade, Tiny Collage Art

I was following a French  artist on Facebook who initiated a matchbox exchange. The photos of the ones he had received showed them filled with tiny items, pictures, charms,etc.  I decided to accept the challenge,  but instead of a matchbox, I  used an old box for reinforcements. (As it turned out, that wasn’t the best choice).
I found an old Conoco trip log from the 1930’s with various graphics that I liked and superimposed them on an old map, then added images to the back and sides. I intended to glue in an old race car from a Monopoly game, but I couldn’t find one without spending money, so I had to skip it.
When I packaged it up in a padded envelope to mail, the Post Office told me it would cost almost $14 to mail it first class! They said it was over 3/4 of an inch thick, and was not uniform in size (it made a lump in the packet, not a smooth item that filled the envelope space). To send it as a small package would have cost even more and involved a customs form as well. I could have saved some thickness by using a regular matchbox, but I didn’t feel like starting over and it still wouldn’t have had the dimensions they expected for a first class letter.
So I told him I couldn’t send it, after all.

First Pencil, then Pen

I’ve been doing some pencil layouts for more recipe pages, but first I had to sharpen all the pencils. This took some time.  I’m actually a pen freak (technical term for “enthusiastic, but not quite as advanced as a connoisseur”) but I also enjoy finding the perfect pencil and a great sharpener to make little curly flakes of shavings with.

Finished Page (Spaghetti Sauce)


Unfortunately, I was too lazy to hook up the scanner and get a good copy of this one. This is a photograph of a photocopy. I was anxious to get the original to its owner and move on to something else, but you can get a general idea of how it turned out. Next time I’ll be more diligent in getting an accurate image.

The Undecorated Page


A co-worker asked me  to script a page of her favorite recipe recently. This is the final layout without any decorations. I’ll post again when it’s finished!

Miss Kansas City, 1946 (Collaged Postcard)


I found a yearbook from Westport High School not too long ago, and I had lots of fun making some ATCs and postcards from the various pages.  This one is one of my favorites.